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We provide world-class animation and visual effects solutions for our clients. We've formed a network that brings together visually innovative and experienced animation talents from around the world. Whether we’re busy working on a feature film, commercial, mobile application, or motion graphic, we always make sure to fulfill our clients’ requests. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get in touch with any questions.

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Let us animate a short-form promotional video explaining your product, service, or business idea in a clear concise way. We can make it fit with any of your marketing and sales needs.

3D Geometric Shapes


Instructional videos not only make great content, but let you relay important information about a product, service or training course. Animated instructions can help you stand out.

Logo Design


Animated logos give you a chance to show depth and display your industry knowledge. Let us help you make a lasting impression on potential and existing customers with an eye-catching animation.



Guide viewers through your video or presentation with motion transitions that help create fluid and natural stories. Branded transitions can help spice up any video to create a lasting impact.



Animated (or kinetic) typography leads the viewer through your video presentation with style. Subtitled videos consistently outperform social media posts consisting of only text or static images.

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Animated social media posts set you apart from others by catching the eye and keeping viewers engaged for longer. High quality animation will take your social media influence to the next level.



Two dimensional illustrations, shapes and typography. Great for marketing videos, advertisements, corporate presentations, educational materials, and animated logos.


Three dimensional technique that brings to life characters, props, and objects through motion. Works well with promotional videos, film, and documentaries.


an animation technique that combines animation and live-action footage to create realistic motion. It works to create motion in promotional, educational, or social media videos.


Stop motion is used to create motion in physical inanimate objects. Can be used effectively to create product explainer, educational, and corporate videos.

Bring your story to life with cutting edge editing, motion graphics and animation. 


We can conceptualize, ideate, write, storyboard, direct, create, and deliver.


Text animations, motion graphic design, and character animations can be combined with live video to create an even more dynamic video. 

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An explainer video is a great marketing tool to summarize your brand’s core values and give potential and current clients an idea of what you do and who you are. This can be a great way to give a company overview, teach people about a product or service that you offer, or introduce your clients to the members of your team. If you want a way to build brand recognition, there is no better way than using animated explainer videos. Because video is a preferred medium for most consumers, explainer videos are an excellent way to condense a lot of information into a short timeframe. Animated explainer videos are extra content that is easy to share across multiple platforms and will stand out in a sea of text and static image posts.


Let WideAngle Animations create an animated product or service video that demonstrates what your business has to offer, highlight the intended results and benefits, and allow customers to completely deep dive into your brand. We can take your ideas and tell a story that will leave a long lasting impression on your clients and customers.

3D Geometric Shapes


Animated Instructional videos can set your company apart from the rest. As more work and life transitions to online, it is important to help your potential and existing clients as well as employees figure out how to navigate the digital space in relation to your company. Give your viewers an overview of a training program or focus on a narrow topic with instructional micro videos. If you are hiring new employees it can be useful to create a training video that allows them to learn at their own pace. How-to videos can help your customers and clients follow along on how to put together or use your product or services. Animated instructional videos work great for short-form or long-form presentations.

Let WideAngle Animations create a video that teaches people about your company and your products, demonstrates a technical process for an online class, shows potential clients or students how to navigate through your website, or trains a new employee how to succeed and fit in with your company’s culture.

Logo Design


Logos are like the face of your brand. It is one of the first things people see that can tell them about your company and what you have to offer. An animated logo is a dynamic way to present your company in modern and eye-catching way. Every video, presentation, or website you create will benefit from having a branded animated logo out in front of your viewers. Animated logos help customers and clients remember and understand your brand much easier than a static logo. It creates a long-lasting impression by evoking joy, surprise, or intrigue in what your business has to offer.


Let WideAngle Animations create a professional and unique animated logo to tell your story and creating a lasting impression.



Animated transitions help create a seamless experience for viewers that keep them interested in the information you are presenting. When moving from one scene to the next, many videos implement a harsh cut which can be jarring to a viewer. Many times companies don’t understand that the space between scenes is open real estate for representing your brand. Branded animated transitions keep your video looking clean while tying everything together. These types of transitions are much more effective than traditional dissolve and wipe transitions built into video software. They can help your story flow more smoothly and makes even lower quality videos look professional.


WideAngle Animations has a long history of creating stunning and  professional animated transitions that keep viewers interested and helps lead them through your video.



Kinetic typography is a fancy way of saying motion animated text. Using kinetic typography in your videos is a great way to increase intrigue and keep your viewers interested in what is being said. It is also a great way to help people remember important information by hearing it and reading it. Kinetic typography allows you to present information in the way the people read. In video marketing campaigns it's important to create a lasting impression with potential clients and customers while informing them and making your video fun to watch. Online videos that incorporate subtitles or kinetic typography continually outperform static images and texts on all social media platforms. Because you may have customers and clients that have a difficult time hearing or understanding spoken word, motion text is a great way to reach those who you might normally not be able to.

WideAngle Animations has an extensive background in creating compelling and professional kinetic typography that will create a lasting impression and exceed your marketing or social media influence goals.

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Animated video is an excellent choice for your social media marketing and content campaigns. It can be hard to cut through all the noise and grab potential followers attention when they are quickly scrolling through their social media feed. Animated video helps you to stand out by offering something that is more visually appealing and interesting than static image, text, or even live action video. Because internet users have such a short attention span, short animated video is effective at grabbing and holding viewers attention while telling your story. Animated video is able to simplify complex information while implementing a visual style that helps viewers learn. Animation can be adapted for any style and any type of information.

WideAngle Animations implements many animation styles to fit with your specific brand and marketing goals. Let us help you take your social media influence to the next level and stand out amongst the crowd.